For the longest time I thought when people said bae they were actually saying Bey. Like Beyonce. And I was like aww cute they’re calling their significant other by the name of our holy queen god bless.

I want to know how Shakira takes care of her hair

08-22 / 20:44
Title: Miss You So
Artist: Frank Ocean
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Miss You So - Frank Ocean


zayn hasn’t even done the ice bucket challenge and his was still better than harry’s


Unbelievers by Vampire Weekend





Hugh Herr: The new bionics that let us run, climb and dance

oh my god they did it!

This is probably the most impressive and beautiful thing I’ve seen in years.

This is amazing. As much as i joke about wanting new legs, I hope this gives amputees much wanted freedom.


My favorite thing to do is observe white people when they’re eating Indian food and you can visibly see the tears coming out of their eyes and I’m just like “yesss cry bitch cry that’s for colonizing my people how do u like that curry now bitch?”


Thanks to the recent addition of their own 21x41ft pool, dogs at Lucky Puppy in Maybee, Michigan got to have their very own doggy pool party.

y’all getting really specific like “where are all the indie boys with messy shoulder length brown hair and blue eyes who are between 6’ and 6’4 whose favourite vampire weekend album is contra but knows mvotc is their best album and drinks their coffee black with 3.2 sugars and smokes cheap cigarettes on a balcony at 2:23 am” like….. chill

Spirited Away + beautiful colors of the ocean