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aside from the fact that they took a dig at one direction and amounted them and their fans to terrorists, the entire premise the video was to shed a humorous light on a very real issue where very real people are being murdered by very real terrorist groups like there is literally nothing worth defending here.

    the beginning of Jab We Met: abridged

  • Geet: hey, I just met you
  • Geet: and this is crazy
  • Geet: but guess what I'm eloping with my boyfriend Anshuman and I love trains why don't you have a ticket HEY THE TRAIN'S LEAVING HEY oh shit we missed it THIS IS YOUR FAULT hey there's a taxi YES DRIVE DRIVE LET'S GOOOOOO wtf why is water so expensive O SHI- missed it again nnghh these dudes are so creepy and think I'm a prostitute aughhhh OH THANK GOD IT'S YOU AGAIN LET'S GO TO A HOTEL AND NAP but don't get any ideas mister now go burn that photo of your ex you'll feel better WHOA POLICE RAID WHOA LET'S RUN okay you're pretty cool you know you should totes elope with my sister and we should all live in the mountains together
  • Geet: so escort me home maybe


the media: one direction is a terrorist organization lol

1d fans: we understand that it was meant to be a joke but that came off as islamophobic because one of the members is a muslim

the media: we have been ATTACKED by DERANGED HORMONAL teenage girls on SOCIAL MEDIA bc of a HARMLESS joke


"It started out as a kiss, how did it end up like this…" [x]




"They didn’t say Zayn’s name"

Yeah ok, who else in the band is Muslim?

I’ll wait here.

THAT WASNT THE POINT OF THE JOKE. The fact that you jut connect Zayn to it because of the fact he is Muslim is in itself a tad racist. Not all terrorists are Muslim. SO EVERYONE CALM THE FUCK DOWN AND READ A BOOK.

THE JOKE?! THAT WASN’T THE POINT OF THE JOKE?? Get the fuck off my post thanks.

Zayn for ‘Who We Are: Our Official Autobiography’


Fighting and defending Zayn is in turn fighting for Yaser and Zayn’s entire family it’s fighting for all his ancestors and all his fans who are so proud of him for being successful and representing their people and the religion. Fighting for Zayn is so much deeper than Zayn himself it’s for all people that are just like him who don’t have a voice and are afraid to stand up. 


the daily show made a joke about a member of 1d being in a terrorist group (hm wonder who they were talking about) and there is absolutely no outrage no one is commenting on how disgusting and nasty it is but every other headline gets your attention side eyeing a lot of you

“No matter how many charities he [Zayn] donates to, or the number of people he’s touched with his music, he’ll never be seen for the value he brings to the world. He’ll never be seen beyond his Muslim faith.”

The Media’s Obsession With Zayn Malik’s Faith

Nothing hits me harder than this shit.

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from Zayn’s section of Who We Are (x)

Title: i
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Kendrick Lamar - i